Paper Parachute Art Stamps



Registration Open Now!

We are SO excited to have Dyan back to teach at Paper Parachute! We know you are too! Please call the store to register or come in if you prefer. We do need payment when you register for the classes, so have the plastic ready! (Or, you can register by mail with a check if you’d like) If you absolutely, positively need to cancel, we will give you a store credit if you let us know before September 1st. We will be sending out for lunch each day for you to purchase (more info later) , or you are welcome to bring yours. For those who have registered a reminder email will be sent by September18th with your classes, dates, times and supply lists. Also lunch options and prices. If you don’t receive this email by the 20th (and you remember) please contact us so we can give you any info.


Friday, September 27th 10:00 – 5:30

Dylusions has released a brand new large journal designed especially to jumpstart your imagination and journaling journey. Full of pre decorated pages, no two the same, interspersed with Dyans mixed media blank card stock we know and love. The journal is suitable for all levels from beginner to ninja master! Come and learn how to use it to its top potential. You will be using the gel press in Dyans unique style and then decorating with a plethora of new Dylusions products. Yes!! The large Jumpstart Journal is included in the class.

Please bring along your favourite journaling pens and a cutting mat.


Saturday, September 28th 10:00 am – 5:30 pm

I have always had a thing about cards; e.g., angel cards, tarot cards, playing cards. I think it’s the fact that they are so tactile and easy to hold in the hand. They can stand alone or you can use them as embellishments in your journals. Spend the day with Dyan creating your own alphabet deck. After decorating them with various ink and paint techniques, we will be stamping and collaging. You’ll be given examples of quotes or you can bring your own to create a personalized set.

Please bring a couple of magazines and black and white journaling pens.

ART ON THE GO with the DYALOG $140

Sunday, September 28th 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM

I’m always on the go and I always need my art with me, wherever I am. But it can be a struggle lugging your journals everywhere, plus its always the one I haven’t got that I want! Sounds familiar??

Let me introduce you to the Dyalog, a portable system I have created, that could be the answer you’re looking for.

In this workshop we will be working in three of the logs (inserts), blank, black and backgrounds. We will be inking, stamping, stencilling, shimmering, doodling, sticking and colouring.

Is that enough to Wet your appetite??? Come join in the fun.

3 Dyalog insert books included

Please bring your favourite black and white journaling pens.